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What our clients say about us

More powerful than anything we could say about ourselves is what our clients are saying about us. Here are a few examples:

"We really appreciate your flexibility and high quality service throughout the transaction, especially your quick responses and turnarounds to our requests."

- Morgan Stanley

"iRooms was central to the due diligence process carried out by all interested parties and was key to the success of the transaction."

- Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"The excellent data room service essential to our successful transaction. We will definitely select Imprima as our data room provider in the future."


As industry pioneers, we have been providing Virtual Data Room (VDR) services to the world’s leading organisations since 2001 and have helped execute deals worth an aggregate value of over £500 billion in over 160 countries worldwide. By now, we know what our clients need and value most:

Our clients need to be 100% certain that their data is secure. We provide the most secure platform and service in the industry, with security checks at all critical steps, and ISO 27001 certification for all aspects of the company: people, processes, platform, and data centres.

"Your security credentials and track-record gave us the peace of mind that our information was safe and the system was always available, meaning we did not have to worry about delays on the deal." - Citi

Service & Support
Our clients are often working under extreme time pressure, which is why we offer a full all inclusive service model, with 24/7 service, from all major European financial centres.

"It was a real pleasure using iRooms; we always received a quick response to any query we had." - Standard Bank

Our clients need to be able to rely on our platform and service - 24/7/365. iRooms consistently achieves an uptime of 99.9% or above. We are always at your disposal if you need help. We continuously invest in our technology to enhance security, reliability, and ease of use.

"We used Imprima’s virtual data room service, iRooms, for a privatization process over a period of almost 12 months. The system was easy to use and we didn’t need any special training to set it up. The management of the documents, the access levels and of the questions sent to us from the bidders electronically was straightforward." - Eurobank EFG

We constantly strive to further enhance our technology in order to provide even better tools to our clients. Our people are encouraged to think outside the box and find innovative solutions. Solutions that truly help improve our clients' efficiency and productivity when dealing with ultra-sensitive information.

"Working with Imprima we achieved something never done before by depositing a major piece of transport legislation in an electronic format. We very much look forward to continuing to work with Imprima as the HS2 project progresses." - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited


Imprima has been successfully delivering bespoke solutions to its customers since it was founded over 100 years ago. The company origins were as a Printing group focused on production, typesetting and distribution of ultra-sensitive, time critical financial documentation. Throughout our entire history, we have been dealing with highly confidential information and protecting the security of your data is part of the company’s DNA. Imprima has always been a market leader when it comes to data rooms and data room services.

We launched our iRooms Virtual Data Room in 2001. As such, we are truly one of the pioneers of the industry, and no one has more experience than we do in providing highly secure VDRs.

In 2012 we released a completely new version of iRooms. The platform was redesigned and rebuilt from scratch to be able to make use of the latest software tools, and as a result iRooms is an internally consistent and modern system, based on Microsoft technology throughout.

In November 2014 Imprima was acquired by its current owner, OTM Participation C. OTM is an investment company controlled by software entrepreneurs Arco van Nieuwland, co-founder of Exact Business Software and, and Pieter van der Made, co-founder and former CEO of Jason Geosystems (now a CGG company) and Managing Partner of OTM Investments.

A new board was appointed, composed of the OTM partners and Imprima’s newly named Managing Director, Gary McKeown. The Financial Printing division was divested, as Imprima made a strategic decision to dedicate its expertise exclusively to its iRooms VDR business.

Vision and mission

As cloud-based services become increasingly mainstream, concerns about the safety and security of cloud environments are rising. External threats, combined with the vulnerability of cloud-based systems can cause significant and highly damaging security lapses when standard data sharing tools are used. As a result, the demand for highly secure information sharing will continue to grow strongly. On basis of our iRooms core technology, we will be ready to serve our customers for their future data sharing requirements when security is of paramount importance.

For now, at Imprima, we aim to serve our customers wherever and whenever highly secure VDRs are needed, whether for M&A, IPOs, insolvencies, restructuring, real-estate asset management and transactions, private equity asset management & divestments, or any other transactional or long-term highly-secure data sharing solutions.

The key to achieving the above is the dedication and creativity of our staff in delivering innovative technical solutions while providing outstanding service. At Imprima we foster a culture that recognises excellence and rewards performance, where individual employee goals are closely aligned with those of the company and our clients, and where our employees are inspired to make Imprima's success their own.