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Imprima Cup Frankfurt 2014


Congratulations to PwC who were the winners of our Imprima Cup in Frankfurt last night!

Dear Football fans,

The Imprima Cup is now over and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did. Despite a few minor injuries, there was again lots of exciting matches with real physical effort and determination. The highlight from this year had to be the intense penalty shoot out in the final. Special congratulations go to our winners PwC and to our top scorer from KPMG!

The winner of our hearts is of course, as every time, Imprima. Ben is quoted in an interview with the player Peter Neurer as saying: “We were all convinced beforehand that we could win the game. My team was of the same mind, at least in the first two minutes of the game.”

Here are the final results:

1 – PwC

2 – KPMG

3 – DC Advisory

4 – Lazard

5 – William Blair

6 – Imprima

The photos, should you want to see them, will available next week to download. The next tournament, to which you are all invited, is already being planned and we will inform you in good time of the location and date.

For any further enquiries about the Imprima Cup, please contact Lorna:

Best regards and until next time,

Your Imprima Team.