iRooms from Imprima


iRooms from Imprima: the most secure data storage in the VDR Industry, not subject to the US Patriot Act


Imprima iRooms, the most secure data room provider in the VDR industry, ensures that client security is maximised within every aspect of the service we provide. This involves protocols such as third party penetration testing, virus scanning, employee & supplier access control, alongside advanced encryption & granular permissions. The significance of the physical storage of the data and the potential access of the data by third parties is often overlooked from a confidentiality perspective and this is another area in which Imprima excels

Imprima stores all of your confidential company data and information:

  • on its own physical servers and not "in the cloud"
  • in fully accredited IS027001 Data Centres

As an independent European organisation, with servers located within the EU, Imprima has a unique advantage over other VDR service providers in not being subject to the US Patriot Act.

Why is that important?

The US Patriot Act (2001) which was signed by President George Bush in response to the increased terrorist threat and which was recently extended, allows US government agencies to obtain data from:

  • US-based companies (including US-based data-room providers) irrespective of whether their data servers are located in the US or in Europe.
  • European companies (including European data-room providers) that store their data with a US-owned hosting provider, even if the physical location of the data is in Europe.

The so-called Safe Harbor Act does not mitigate this problem. The US Patriot Act effectively nullifies any protection that the Safe Harbor Act aims to provide.

In contrast, data hosted by Imprima is securely stored on our own physical servers based in Europe, the specific location chosen so our clients can avail themselves of some of the highest data privacy laws in the world. Our customers keep returning to us, as they know that we can ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their data, enabling them to focus on executing a successful deal.