iRooms from Imprima


Streamline your due diligence with Imprima’s Pre-Data-Room Services


Imprima iRooms, the leading pre-data room services provider, recognises that many CFO’s must face a long and complicated preparation process for due diligence. That is why our pre-data-room services allow businesses to solve this problem with a cost-effective, efficient solution.

Ditch protracted processes

When preparing for a due diligence process, all parties involved are often confronted by massive, lengthy workloads. Documents need to be collated, may need to be scanned and transported, then indexed and ultimately placed in their respective folders. Subsequently, quality checks and initial legal checks must be undertaken. Our pre-data-room-services take care of this mundane, time-consuming manual process for you  saving you both time and money.

Maximum Efficiency

We provide fit-for-purpose staff to avoid large lawyer bills and ensure your time spent is at an absolute minimum. The service includes comprehensive project management and we will consult you at each project milestone, allowing you to control quality with maximum efficiency.

Ready to go VDR

Our pre-data room service includes delivering a ready-to-go virtual data room that includes all relevant documents in appropriate folders, ready to be accessed by users and controlled by your deal managers. Providing you with the total package, without any of the hassle or loss of time.
If you want to save time, reduce costs and ensure an efficient, smooth process, contact Imprima today.