iRooms from Imprima


iRooms achieves 99.7% Customer Service Reliability


Our ability to consistently deliver highly reliable service and support, 24/7/365, to our global customer base has been key to our ongoing success. Unlike other top-tier VDR providers, this also includes local project management in addition to standard support.

Our dedicated project management incorporates services from the inception to close of the Dataroom - from room build and structure, the permissioning of files and folders to the quality control of a fully audited DVD. Our target is to have Services Reliability above 99% at all times.

This is achieved through a robust Quality Control process undertaken by a dedicated & specialist Quality Control resource. This ensures the elimination of risk of errors which we believe to be crucial to the reliability of our services and which we know our clients deem essential.

To this end, our quality is being tracked via an external KPI simply entitled Services Reliability (SR). The SR metric calculates the accuracy of all updates being made to the iRoom by our services staff, after QC is applied. We are proud to announce that this metric has shown a constant upward trend, with a year to date achieved score of 99.7%.