iRooms from Imprima


iRooms from Imprima: the most secure data sharing platform in the VDR Industry AND completely unaffected by the Safe Harbor invalidity


On 6th October the Court of Justice of the European Union issued its decision in the case brought by Maximilian Schrems against Facebook. The Safe Harbor mechanism is:

  1. used by more than 5,000 US corporations including many data sharing vendors; 

  2. relied upon by tens of thousands of EU data controllers to allow lawful transfers of personal data to the US.

  3. The Safe Harbor mechanism has been declared invalid

Data storage vendors in the US will have to stop relying on Safe Harbor and rapidly put in place other lawful data transfer mechanisms which will have significant time and protocol implications.

Rest assured, Imprima stores all of your confidential company data and information:

  • on its own physical servers in the EU and not "in the cloud" nor specifically in the US
  • in fully accredited IS027001 Data Centres

Imprima is an independent European organisation with data securely stored on our own physical servers based in the EU, the specific location chosen so our clients can avail themselves of some of the highest data privacy laws in the world. Our customers keep returning to us, as they know that we can ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their data, enabling them to focus on executing a successful deal.

As such, Imprima has a unique advantage over other VDR service providers in never having relied on Safe Harbor. Why risk entrusting your data sharing requirements to less secure vendors, who rely on unlawful methods, when you can choose Imprima who are already 100% EU law compliant.