iRooms from Imprima


iRooms — Platform Enhancements


Imprima iRooms is delighted to announce the release of two new plugin-free solutions:

  • A Drag & Drop bulk upload tool for Google Chrome
  • A Bulk Download tool for all browsers

These product enhancements, coupled with iRooms’ existing plugin-free HTML5 document viewer, allow our data room users to work in a fast & seamless environment — completely removing any need for browser plugins or external applications. In doing so, we leave you to focus immediately and exclusively on deal completion.

No more IT headaches!

Whether you would like to:

  • Upload gigabytes of documents and folders all at once via drag & drop
  • Download folder structures (with document watermarks included), or
  • Simply view and print documents

Simply open your browser, log in to iRooms and get started without delay!