iRooms from Imprima


iRooms launches cutting edge iRooms File Protect


With new iRooms File Protect solution, users can open protected MS Office documents, such as Word and Excel, in their native application.

The benefits to the user are:

  • Get started immediately – No plugins are required to be installed nor IT administrator rights on users’ computers needed, ensuring there is no time wasted dealing with internal IT departments.
  • Increased usability & functionality – As the file can be viewed in its native format, users benefit from key functionality such as:
    • View, edit and create formulas to turn data into valuable information for the due diligence process
    • Use existing filters, sort data and navigate between tabs, helping users quickly and efficiently analyse large spreadsheets

The benefits to the Deal Manager are:

  • Full access control – Deal managers can apply granular permission controls to documents, including saving & printing in real time.
  • Remote document destruction – Document access can be revoked at any time, even after the user has downloaded the document to their computer. As such, saved documents can be expired at any time.
  • Document level encryption – Each document is encrypted to the highest banking standards, ensuring that the documents protected by iRooms File Protect, remain secure.
  • Increased flexibility – Full flexibility to combine with current HTML5 document viewer.

Imprima’s enhanced technology yet again proves that clients and users no longer have to compromise maximum security with ultimate ease of use.