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Not all DVDs are created equal


A DVD archive you receive at the end of a project is arguably one of the most important parts of a Virtual Data Room solution. It is, of course, best practice for the DVD archive to be handed over to the winning party when closing an M&A or Real Estate deal, whilst a fully-compliant copy of the data room can also be used to prove disclosure in case of litigation.

We understand the importance of this, which is why you can trust Imprima to deliver a comprehensive and totally accurate archive of your data room.

However, this is not always the case with the DVD archives provided by other VDR providers on the market. DVDs are often manually generated and sent out with little control over the actual content. Or worse, you are asked to do it yourself. Such archives leave themselves vulnerable to human error and often do not provide enough detail about the Q&A activity that took place inside the data room. User and bidder group activity are attached to these archives in a separate DVD, if at all. Not all data room archives are created equally.

At Imprima, we pride ourselves on having the most secure and functional VDR in the industry. We are fully ISO27001 compliant in everything that we do and we totally eliminate any potential risks on your deal. The complete archive will be system-generated, ensuring there is no risk of human error in creating the DVD itself. When you receive your DVD archives from iRooms, you can rest assured that:

Full, manual quality control on each copy will have been carried out – ensuring you receive exactly what you have asked for;
You will have a choice between a fully compliant data room archive or the same view as that of a bidder group;
If desired, we will include a letter certifying the content of each copy; and
If desired, the DVDs can be 256-bit encrypted.

We have a proven track record in ensuring that we meet our client’s deadlines and understand that deals can close at any time of day, or night. Our service teams are dedicated to meeting any deadlines that you have. Additionally, as we have local service teams across Europe, delivery is quick and efficient, without any excessive courier charges.

Imprima can also assist you after your transaction has ended. In addition to providing DVD archives, we can keep the data room open for you at a competitive rate so that documents remain accessible, maintaining full data room security.

If you would like further information on why Imprima’s DVD archive solution is the most reliable and secure on the market, feel free to contact us