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iRooms Secure Workspace


Imprima understands the importance for Real Estate companies to be ready to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

There are clear advantages in storing your documents in a central location both before and after the transactional phase of a project:

Multiple parties can help collect, collate and structure the information
The documents can be made available 24/7/365, anywhere in the world
Assets can be marketed professionally in a secure, permission based environment

The longer you have to prepare a transaction the more optimised the due diligence process. The net result is greater chance of transaction success. In addition, in many cases there may be no imminent transaction. Real Estate professionals may just need to share information with third parties (e.g. lawyers), manage portfolio data in a central secure space or share teaser information to select potential buyers.

Current online external solutions are not aligned with the needs of Real Estate professionals as they are either insecure or prohibitively expensive. Moreover, internal solutions have generally fallen short of fulfilling the requirements of the Real Estate community. They tend to be very limiting in nature, cumbersome to use and expensive to maintain.

Working with our Real Estate partners, Imprima has developed iRooms Secure Workspace, a solution specifically designed for this market. When the time comes to start a transaction, simply convert to iRooms, the market-leading Real Estate data room, within minutes.

iRooms Secure Workspace solution provides you with a secure and flexible platform whilst saving costs. Most importantly, this bespoke solution allows you as much time as you need to ensure that you are fully prepared.

Key Features

  • Your own customised platform which can be used during the full asset’s life cycle (buy/hold/sell)
  • Full global customer Support - 24/7/365
  • A completely plug-in free environment for uploading, downloading and viewing protected files
  • Advanced document search functionality allowing users to find the information that they need quickly
  • Documents and folder structures can be uploaded by multiple users from anywhere in the world and at any time
  • You will benefit from our intuitive, user-friendly interface that comes with a complete audit trail of all user activity
When the time comes to start a transaction, you can convert this into a live environment by calling your dedicated project manager

iRooms Secure Workspace solution can now be an integral permanent part of your online presence. It will allow you to provide additional services to your clients, manage smaller projects in one place and deliver market leading security in a user friendly portal.

To find out how the iRooms Secure Workspace can help you capitalize on the digitization of the Real Estate market please get in contact.