iRooms from Imprima


Imprima's continued focus on your security


At Imprima, we are constantly looking for ways to make your data room more secure.

As part of our commitment to our ISO 27001:2013 certification, we have identified the most common mistakes administrators make when using any virtual data room – in order to eliminate them.

After comprehensive research, we have made extensive changes to our platform in order to minimise errors which will save you time and ensure the smooth running of your deal.


Communications Area

System-generated alerts are captured within your data room, eliminating issues arising from lost emails.

Secure emails can be sent safely and easily from within the system.
This allows the administrator to use iRooms instead of less secure external email to communicate with users

Easy-to-use interface when applying permissions

Permissions are clearly displayed in a table by colour-coded groups, whilst still showing the folder structure.
This allows for bulk permission changes, with clear visibility of the users that have an access to the documents as well as those that do not.

Making bulk changes to the data room is quick and easy. It is also ultra-safe. iRooms will warn the administrator if there are hidden items when making bulk changes.

Clear warnings when there are pending changes

If you make a change to your data room, you will be clearly informed that this change needs to be published in order for data room users to see this.

If you send your request to our service team we can action both quickly and most importantly securely, through our enhanced 2-person QC process. We have the most robust internal policies in place to ensure that you get the most secure and reliable service in the industry.

For more information on why iRooms from Imprima is the most secure virtual data room in the industry, feel free to CONTACT US.