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Are you frustrated with the functionality of your Virtual Data Room provider?

With iRooms, there is a better way.

iRooms is the most secure virtual data room in the industry. With over one hundred years’ experience in providing customer service solutions to the financial industry, we have helped execute deals worth an aggregate value of €5 trillion in more than 160 countries.

We are proud to offer you and your users a better way to handle your deals.

A better way

Are you struggling to adapt your VDR’s access to meet your client’s needs?

Either you need to spend countless hours managing permissions for the administrators and Q&A team, or worse still, you may need to give these team members too much access.

iRooms makes it easy to customise your data room permissions at user, group and platform level – safely.

Permissions are clearly displayed in a table by colour-coded groups, whilst still showing the folder structure.

Are you frustrated by long waiting periods when uploading documents?

You may be spending far too long waiting for documents to be prepared and secured for your users

With iRooms, documents can be uploaded quickly and easily using our intuitive interface.
Large volumes of data can be uploaded in minutes, not hours or days.

Do your users complain about how Excel documents appear?

If so, it is likely your current provider is using outdated file protection technology that does not allow them to see formulae or edit the documents. This also means that either the Excel documents are missing information, or you need to spend hours going through each spreadsheet to ensure that the print margins have been set properly.

If users often see “#####” instead of the correct cell values, you can do better.

A diagram showing different levels of permissions in virtual data room

iROOMS FILE PROTECT will allow users to view and edit protected Excel files.

View, edit and create formulas to turn data into valuable information for the due diligence process

Use existing filters, sort data and navigate between tabs, helping users quickly and efficiently analyse large spreadsheets

No plugin required – get started immediately

A diagram showing different levels of permissions in virtual data room

Are you frustrated by the lack of Q&A functionality in your VDR?

If that's the case, you are spending too long managing your Q&A process!

iRooms was the first virtual data room to offer a fully online Q&A solution over 10 years ago. Today, it is a best-in-class, highly flexible tool.

iRooms offers a secure, flexible and robust Q&A platform. With the addition of bulk actions and fast links, your Q&A process will be quicker than ever.