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Customer Service is not a department, it’s an attitude!


2016 – Another milestone achieved for our quality of service

The latest customer behaviour studies show that service is an increasingly important part of the overall customer experience. From smart phones to online providers, across all industries and products, customers are eager for autonomous streamlined and effortless experiences, with a reactive and responsive service, never overbearing, but there when they need it.
At Imprima, providing you with the best customer experience in the industry is our key motivation. For 2 years, we have implemented, several customer service focused best practices in association with the Institute of Customer Service. An integral part to this was the introduction of a systematic process of gathering customer feedback.
"The project was perfectly managed by the iRooms team. We are preparing for our next transactions which we will entrust iRooms with as usual"- Mazars Corporate Finance, France

You Spoke, we Listened, we Acted !

Throughout last year, we have gathered and consolidated our customer’s comments on their experience, our strengths, and most importantly the key improvement areas. More than listening to you, we acted upon your feedback, improving our platform and our service, thereby implementing the services and tools you needed to make the execution of your transactions quicker, safer and easier.
Based on our customer feedback Imprima has achieved an impressive Net Promoter Score of 51.
The Net Promoter Score evaluates customers’ loyalty and trust. The NPS goes from -100 to +100. Above 0 is considered good and above 50 is excellent.
Excellent NPS of 51
Over the last 6 months, our overall customer satisfaction grew by 10%. We have now achieved an excellent 83% compared to the all-industies average of 77.8%.
"We really appreciate your flexibility and high quality service throughout the transaction, especially your quick responses and turnarounds to our requests"- Morgan Stanley, UK

Best European VDR Service Provider 2016 - recognised by you

We are very proud that our excellence in customer service has been also recognised by winning the 2016 Best European VDR Service Provider of 2016.
Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and to our staff who are so committed to making and keeping our customers happy.
Please rest assured that we are committed to continuing our relentless pursuit to further improving the customer service in 2017 and beyond.
In this regard your feedback continues to be the essential component to this so please contact us below.