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Real Estate due diligence is a time-intensive, document-heavy process requiring the dissemination of hundreds, if not thousands, of documents to multiple, geographically-diverse parties. The complexities of the deal itself are often compounded by the administratively intensive process of providing secure, real-time information to key bidders and responding to varied, multi-lingual requests and ad-hoc reporting requirements in a timely fashion.

How can Imprima iRooms for Real Estate help?

iRooms for Real Estate is a highly-secure, browser-based VDR platform, specifically designed to support Real Estate transactions from end-to-end. Whether raising capital, divesting assets or general portfolio management, the two core pillars of iRooms - the most secure, reliable and intuitive platform in the market with the most comprehensive 24/7/365 multi-lingual support – make it the optimum solution for Real Estate owners, partners, professionals, advisors and investors.

iRooms for Real Estate Solutions

Prepare the deal
Our experience has shown that often the most underestimated challenge in kick-starting a transaction is the administratively cumbersome requirement of document and data collation that must precede any due diligence process. To better service this requirement, we have developed a pre-data room service to collaborate directly with property managers to source all data, review all archived documentation, corroborate legal versioning and structure all data before digitalisation and storage in the VDR. This service offers an alternative to traditional documentation and legal review which can prove exorbitant and inefficient.

  • Document retrieval
  • Collation & Review
  • Legal & QC checks

Protect the deal
256-bit encrypted documentation enables information to be safely shared internally and externally, controlling access to both the due diligence material and extensive teams of globally dispersed advisors. Other security assurances include dynamic watermarking, 2-Factor authentication, personalised participant passwords and prevention of print-screen and information phishing, and, last but not least, ISO 27001 certification for all aspects of the company: people, processes, platform, and data centres.

  • ISO27001 accredited
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Dynamic Watermarking

Accelerate the deal
iRooms for Real Estate is fully responsive to the accelerated nature of Real-Estate transactions. Our dedicated project management will oversee highly experienced specialists in the collation, scanning, dynamic indexing, quality checking and publishing of documents. We will organise the immediate set up of your iRoom, populate it, deliver rights management and provide 24/7/365 support in 12 languages from our in-country service teams.

  • Quick & Easy set up
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • 24/7/365 Service & Support
  • 12 languages supported

Streamline the deal
With vendor, purchaser and advisor parties all involved, seamless collaboration is essential. iRooms is a HTML5 web-based, multi-lingual platform requiring no plug-ins, add-ons or downloads to get started. Equipped with powerful search capabilities, it is intuitive and user-friendly - ensuring ease of use with minimal training.

  • Easy access (web based)
  • No mandatory plugins
  • Multilingual platform
  • Advanced Search capabilities

Analyse and drive the deal
Gain insight into the relative interest of each prospective bidder, enabling you to focus your attention on key investors. Our suite of tools provides real-time report generation on what information has been accessed, how often and by whom. Control the flow of information, drive competition and maximise the price per asset under offer.

  • Real time analytics
  • Customised reporting

Support the deal
iRooms for Real Estate provides a powerful, intuitive and secure Q&A module with advanced  reporting capabilities , alerting bidders with in-application notifications enabling you to share instant feedback and maintain deal momentum at critical phases of the due diligence process.

  • Advanced Q&A capabilities
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Instant personalised deal alerts

Brand the deal
iRooms for Real Estate is fully customisable, allowing full branding of the platform with your own (or your client’s) corporate logos, colours, and property images giving a sophisticated, bespoke look and feel. Market your firm while marketing your portfolio.

  • Bespoke branding

Archive the deal
On completion of the deal, receive the audited contents of your iRoom under secure courier on DVD.

  • Fully audited DVD / USB archive

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Customer Testimonials

"As a group we already have extensive experience with iRooms, as they have managed numerous data rooms for us already. By setting up this EMEA Master Service Agreement (MSA), we benefit from a consistency of approach to secure file sharing, a simplified user interface and demonstrating to our clients that we have a Best Practice Solution."

- Mark Powell, Partner & Operations Director - EMEA Capital Markets Cushman & Wakefield

"Imprima iRooms worked with the entire Shopping Centre, Office and Hotel Investment teams on the Palais Quartier project which was more than 700,000 pages. No service provider has ever been available 24/7 and worked as hard as Imprima iRooms on Palais Quartier."

- Marius Ohlsen, Principal Consultant, Jones Lang LaSalle, Shopping Centre Investment