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Real Estate Case Study

The Client

Capital Value is the market leader in the Netherlands, advising both institutional and private investors on the acquisition and sale of residential property portfolios. As such, it operates in a dynamic, fast paced environment - needing to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
“When contacting our local Project Manager, we always get a quick response....”

What were the challenges?

  • A solution that is easy to use: Capital Value do not want to have to explain how a virtual data room should work. It needs to be intuitive. Administrators also need to be able to make changes to the system quickly themselves.
  • A solution that works: Waiting for IT teams to install plugins or even for a VDR provider to process requests and support issues is costly and can impact the timings of a deal.
  • A solution that is secure: The VDR provider needs to prove that security is at the very heart of their organisation.
  • A solution that is robust: The data room needs to be able to upload and manage large amounts of information.

How did Imprima add value?

iRooms solution was able to respond to Capital Value’s needs in the following ways:

  • Imprima and Capital Value have an agreed Master Service Agreement. This MSA affords many benefits – no contract negotiation, on-request data room set-up, bespoke branding, unrivalled security and 24/7/365 service.
  • Providing a customised platform to show-case their property portfolios, allowing them to present a professional, branded interface to their clients and bidders.
  • Full ISO 27001:2013 certification based on servers, business processes and people in the organisation. Capital Value have also been able to show Imprima’s extensive list of security controls.
  • Having an intuitive, plugin free platform, without any IT hassles, iRooms eliminates any delays in getting the deal up and running – for buyers and sellers alike.
  • Full control of data access and the ability to quickly and safely grant access to users on a document level.
  • Local project management team allows Capital Value a fast, accurate and friendly service – in their local language.
“Security is very important to us. The documents need to be locked down. It is great help that iRooms is able to prove its commitment to security through its ISO27001:2013 certification.” - Capital Value