iRooms from Imprima

iRooms features and benefits

ISO 27001:2013

Certified under the latest ISO standard (ISO 27001:2013) and against all areas of our business. ISO27001 is the most comprehensive and in-depth security certification for providers of Virtual Data Rooms.

Not subject to Freedom Act (2015)

As a European provider, storing all data in Europe, your data is not subject to the US Freedom Act (formerly known as the US Patriot Act).

256-bit encryption

Your data is protected with 256-bit encryption, both when stored on our servers, as well as when transferred over the internet.

Regular penetration testing

Security is regularly verified through third-party penetration testing and virus scanning.

iRooms File Protect

iRooms File Protect uses the latest technology to protect Office and PDF files, offering users the possibility to open up files in their native format, such as Word and Excel, whilst data room administrators maintain full control over document protection.

New Feature

Encrypted compliance archive

At the end of your deal, your data is encrypted and stored on a compliance archive. This includes all Q&A and reporting, be it at a data room level or specific to the winning party only.

Granular permissions

Full control over users’ data access through granular permissions. Optional prevention of print, save, copy, download and print screen.

Protection of major file types

All documents, including PDF; Word; Excel; PowerPoint can be fully protected. Imprima can also help you convert a wide variety of additional file types to PDF.


Fully customisable dynamic watermarking available for all of your document types. Watermarking can also be activated on downloadable documents, such as PDF or Microsoft Office files.

Secure communication & notifications

The insecurity of using email is avoided by allowing you to execute all your communications within iRooms’ secure VDR environment.

Two-factor authentication

Optional two-factor user authentication using email access codes and/or text messaging identification.

99.9% uptime

99.9% or greater uptime is consistently achieved ensuring continuous access for your time-sensitive transactions.

Disaster recovery

Encrypted backups are stored at a secure location away from the primary data centre. Disaster recovery protocols are in place to ensure complete business continuity and client peace of mind.

All major browsers supported

iRooms is supported by all major browsers, including: Google Chrome; Firefox; Safari; all versions of Internet Explorer.

All major operating systems

iRooms can be accessed on a multitude of mobile and desktop devices, including: Microsoft Windows; Mac OS; iOS; Android.

Backwards compatibility

Extended compatibility with older operating systems and browsers, including Internet Explorer version … and up;

No plug-ins required

Our HTML5 viewer requires no plug-ins or downloads, so users can get started immediately and easily.

Tablet access

With the iRooms HTML5 viewer you will have access from tablets of all the popular brands.

Web acceleration

By implementing web acceleration, Imprima ensures that your content is delivered quickly to all iRooms users, regardless of their location.

Access control

You choose which administrators can upload documents, add users, change permissions or access the Q&A. This level of flexibility is what makes iRooms the most powerful solution on the VDR market today.

Bulk upload and download

You can upload or download information in bulk with our easy-to-use interface.


Searching by document and folder title, inside each document and by date.

Q&A flexibility

The most flexible approach to Q&A management, giving deal managers the power to grant access to as many answers to questions as is necessary – on a user level.

iRooms’ advanced process controls allow team leaders on both the buy-side and the sell-side to validate questions. Possibility to limit the number of questions raised: per group and/or by total number and/or by question priority. Ability to filter by topic.

At the end of the process all Q&A, and all documentation related to answers, are included in data archives - providing a fully compliant solution for M&A transactions.


All reports are available in real time, allowing you to access accurate and up-to-date reports whenever needed.

Reports can be configured by date range, by group, by user, by folder (and its contents) or even per document.

24/7 Support

Our support team are available to you around the clock to ensure that any questions are answered quickly. No matter where you are in the world or what time it is.

Project Management in addition to support

In addition to Support, our experienced, professional team of Project Managers are there to help you with the running of your data room from the start to completion. From room building & structuring, managing access, through to creation of compliance post deal archives.

Project Management Included

Unlike most providers, at Imprima Project Management is included in our standard pricing, no additional cost.

Full QC Control

As well as managing your data room day-to-day, we also perform rigorous Quality Control (QC) throughout the life of your Project. This provides comfort to our clients, who can focus on ensuring successful deal completion.

Multiple Languages

Project Management and support in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Russian to help you run your Project, in your language.

Pre Virtual Data Room Services

Our pre-data room service incorporates document retrieval, collation, scanning, indexing and distribution.

Our unrivalled service delivers a ready-to-go virtual data room that includes all relevant documents in appropriate folders, ready to be accessed by users and controlled by your deal managers.

Providing you with the total package, without any of the hassle or loss of time.