iRooms from Imprima

Virtual Data Rooms for M&A, Real Estate, Corporate Repositories and more


We understand that during a deal process, time is of the essence. iRooms helps speed up your M&A transactions. With our sophisticated Q&A and reporting tools you can evaluate and manage potential investor activity and react quickly and efficiently to ever-changing circumstances.

We offer the broadest range of services available, from pre-data room services, which include scanning, redacting, document collation, indexing, quality control, through data room builds with data collection and indexing, to securing the data needed for post-deal dispute resolution and post-merger integration.

Our experienced multi-lingual Project Managers will support you 24/7/365 throughout your deal, allowing you to concentrate on deal execution.


iRooms for Real Estate is a highly-secure, browser-based VDR platform, specifically designed to support Real Estate transactions from end-to-end. Whether raising capital, divesting assets or general portfolio management, the two core pillars of iRooms — the most secure, reliable and intuitive platform in the market with the most comprehensive 24/7/365 multi-lingual support — make it the optimum solution for Real Estate owners, partners, professionals, advisors and investors.

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In 2015, Imprima's market-leading VDR platform, iRooms, played a pivotal role in the transactions completed by the world's largest Energy companies.

As sector specialists we are able to deal with all the intricacies of Energy projects:

  • Very large specialist files (e.g. hydrocarbon reservoir models, maps, plans)
  • Assistance with data room preparation (build & indexation)
  • International requirements met through multilingual 24/7 service & support
  • Requirement for full traceability of data and user activity

This is being recognised by our customers, ranging from major oil companies, power companies, wind farm companies, solar equipment suppliers, to specialized alternative-energy technology companies.


We know the challenges our clients face when securing and efficiently sharing large volumes of sensitive IPO documents. Using  Imprima iRooms for your IPO deal speeds up the process of conducting both legal and financial online due diligence, and can facilitate a dual track process.


iRooms provides a secure online repository for confidential information within a defined management and compliance structure.

Intuitive and easy to use, iRooms allows you to upload and organise documents from any location at any time, making them instantly accessible. This ensures that everyone is always viewing the most recent version of each document.

With iRooms, you can archive all business critical information in one place, utilise graphical reporting to provide a quick summary and audit trail of which documents have been reviewed by each person. With no emailing or faxing of documents, your confidential information flow is more secure and efficient.


During a company restructuring or insolvency, responding quickly to time-sensitive requests is crucial. Utilising iRooms enables you to reach potential investors in multiple locations whilst providing them with the latest information - 24/7, ensuring that you maximise available options and value.

Our iRooms technology ensures communication between creditors and debtors is structured and auditable.  Using iRooms will leave you free to conduct a secure and timely transaction with a partner you can trust.